Press Release: Angela Davis is being accessed to a school where refugees are being housed

The District Counselor allowed the US American civil rights activists to meet them outside the school.

Permission for Angela Davis and Gina Dent to visit the school on Ohlauer Street was refused by the District Council representative.

On May 11, the NGO ReachOut applied for permission for a visit to the refugees’ living quarters. Angela Davis and Gina Dent, along with ten other activists, wanted to meet the refugees and talk about their situation and their political activism. The visit to the school is not possible without the permission of the city councilor Borkamp because access to the school is currently being blocked by the security personnel there.

The permission was refused with the reason that “it is a general rule.” However, a meeting with those concerned outside the school was generously suggested by the district administration.

“Both ladies are very welcome to meet those concerned outside the school. In case they don’t have or can’t find a suitable room, we are very willing to provide a room in the former Kreuzberg City Hall.”

In February and March several meetings took place with the people living in the school and a group, led by Jürgen Quandt of the Holy Cross Church. The permission to have these meetings had been given without further bureaucratic ado.

Professor Davis had specifically expressed a wish to visit the school, whereupon several of the inhabitants of the school invited her there, albeit with the condition that permission was granted. Is the thought oft the situation in the school becoming public uncomfortable for the District administration and therefore unwanted?

Sanchita Basu
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Dienstag, Mai 12, 2015