Racism in the courtroom/at court

Racism in the courtroom/at court - Lecture and discussion series

Session 1/4: "Lawyers reporting"

Place: Werkstatt der Kulturen, Wissmannstraße 32

Time: February 25th 2015, Wednesday, 7pm

Barrier-free access

The courtroom, an apparently neutral place!? The discussion that racism can be
found at all levels of society in Germany is not a new one. But usually the
judiciary remains outside/untouched. Even though trials are taking place every
day, little becomes public. Racism is an everyday phenomenon in the judiciary,
but neither actors from the judiciary nor society as a whole raise this problem.
For this reason we want to create a space, to discuss this issue. For this
purpose lawyers will be reporting on their cases and their experiences in court.
By giving account of what difficulties they have when broaching the topic, they
will illustrate how racism works in this specific context.

The event is organised by a group that monitors racism in the judiciary
(Prozessbeobachtungsgruppe Rassismus und Justiz). We cooperate with ReachOut
(counselling centre for victims of racist, right-wing extremist and anti-Semitic
violence) and KOP (campaign for victims of racist police violence) and have been
observing for about a year regularly court trials posing the question: what
effects racism has on/within the judiciary in Germany.

The two Berlin-based lawyers, Asha Hedayati and Maren Burkhardt have been
invited to speak to the public

In cooperation with Werkstatt der Kulutren, ReachOut and KOP

Kontakt: rassismus_justiz@mail36.net

Mittwoch, Februar 25, 2015