About us

ReachOut is a counselling centre for victims of rightwing extremist, racist or anti-Semitic violence in Berlin.

  • We also support and counsel family members or victims' friends and people who have witnessed an assault.
  • The situation and the perspective of the victims are of central importance for ReachOut.
  • ReachOut offers anti racist, intercultural workshops and trainings.
  • ReachOut collects informations on right-wing extremist, racist and anti-Semitic assaults in Berlin and publishes a chronicle of the attacks.

We offer...

  • counselling and emotional support after an assault,
  • assistance in decision making processes regarding further actions,
  • information on legal means (reporting to the police, joint plaintiff etc.),
  • help in finding lawyers,
  • a companion service to accompany victims to the police, the authorities, the court hearings, to doctors etc.,
  • assistance in preparing legal and court proceedings as well as after a court proceeding,
  • information on financial support (legal aid, compensation claims etc.),
  • help in procuring therapy,
  • contact to other counselling centres, e.g. regarding problems with residence permits,
  • PR work ( e.g. press releases, organising events),
  • seminars on racism, rightwing extremism and anti-Semitism in Berlin.

Our counselling methods are...

  • We work client-oriented.
  • Our services are free and voluntary.
  • Our aim is empowerment.
  • Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed.

Our objectives are...

  • full participation of every individual in civil society and society at large - irrespective of colour appearance, place of origin, sexual or religious orientation,
  • empowering the victims for autonomy, decision-making competences and self-esteem,
  • raising public awareness on the impact, the dimension and the consequences of discrimination, racism and right-wing extremism,
  • solidarity with the victims.

Who we are...

  • a team of five men and women with/without an origin of migration,
  • many years of experience in anti-racist campaigning and intercultural education (e.g. first national anti-racist telephone hotline, first feminist, anti-racist and interdisciplinary seminar in Berlin),
  • long-standing experience in counselling victims of racist and domestic violence.